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Products I Finished (June 2012)


This time round, I finished a lot of hair care products.


TSUBAKI Shining Shampoo with Natural TSUBAKI OIL

This shampoo is a brand under Shiseido and is well loved by a lot of people in the Asian community. I had very high expectations for this shampoo since a lot of people raved about how good it is. However, this shampoo made my scalp very dry and I started to have a lot of dandruff(ewwww). At first, I blamed the changing season( winter to spring), but after the whole transition with the seasons, I still consistently experience dry, itchy scalp.

Do I love it? Sadly no. I really want to like it but I don’t.


This is a leave-in hair mist to restore silky, full style and is a high heat protection. I use this interchangeably with the Deep Infusion(the one of the right). I use this after I washed my hair, before I blow dry it. I don’t really see much of a difference before and after I used this product. To me, I think this is more a mental thing where I feel much better if I know I used something to protect my hair from the heat. Nevertheless, this does not make my hair “crispy” or otherwise, thus, I have no complains for it.

Do I love it? I feel pretty indifferent with this hair mist. Would probably not repurchase.


This is also a leave-in product for the hair. However, this comes out like a hair serum, it has a very thick consistency, very much like a  very watery oil. I prefer this more than the Sheer mist because I can feel a difference in my hair after I used it. My hair feels much more silkier and lesser tangles. It is recommended to dispense 1 pump and rub hand together and distribute evenly on the ends of the hair. For my hair length, I had to use about 5 pumps of the product to cover the whole “affected” area of my hair.

Do I love it? I quite like it. But will think twice before repurchasing.


The Essential hair care comes in two different lines, the one I have here is the Nuance Airy line that transform limp and flat hair, making it light and bouncy. With so many of us using heat, styling and chemical processing on our hair, damaged hair is very common. Essential have this selling point where it takes care of the last 15 cm of the hair, which is pretty much subjected to the most amount of “abuse” compared to the other parts of the hair. I was intrigued by this idea and grabbed a couple of products when I was in Singapore. I’m so happy that I did because they are pretty darn good. However, I do prefer the other line, that is the Ultra Honey & Shea Butter which I will talk about later in this post.

Do I love it? I like it. But I prefer the other Essential line.


This is my favourite product from the Essential line. This hair mask contain three times more high purity honey and milk protein than  the hair treatment featured above. With the “extra” purity of the product, it deeply nourishes my hair and made it silky and smooth. I love it so much that I use it almost every day. It smooths my hair out making it really silky and it detangles my hair like a dream. My hair is not as frizzy any more. I really really like this. However, because it is a Asian product, it is either very overpriced here in Australia, or it is very hard to get locally. I do know that you can get this from Sasa, I would really recommend you to try it out.

Do I love it? Yes! I definitely would get more of this mask when I get the chance.



This two mask are 10 minutes mask and I have nothing bad to say about them. They are very good at delivering what they “promised”. Especially the Drink Up mask that moisturises my face almost instantly. Not only does it moisturise, I find that it also helps to brighten up the face. Whenever I feel that my T-zone is a little dry, I just whipped this out and put it on for ten minutes. After ten minutes, wash it off and my face feels instantly refreshed and moisturised, making make up application a breeze. I have a more detailed review of both the mask here.

Do I love it? I LOVE IT! Will definitely repurchase it.


This mask is a deep action in shower facial that works with the steam in the shower and aims to detoxifies, smoothes and softens skin in one minute. I was intrigued by the whole novelty factor of doing a facial when in the shower which is why I bought it. The first time I used it I was very surprised by whole warm sensation that I felt on my face. It definitely opened up my pores with the heat, but, I don’t really think it does anything to exfoliate my skin at all. I don’t really feel that my skin the smoother or softer when I use this product. After subsequent uses, the novelty factor dies down and I just feel that this product does not work on my skin.

Do I love it? Not really. I think this product might be more suited towards younger people, mainly teenagers.


I ran out of my usual cleansing wash so I dug through my sample boxes and found this cleansing wash. I got this from one of my GlossyBox. I use this cleansing wash after I remove my make up. It cleans my face fairly well. It has microbeads that also helps to exfoliate my face while cleansing it. After washing off, it leaves an icy sensation on my face that I quite like. This 60 ml sample from GlossyBox is quite a good size sample

Do I love it? This is the first product that I’ve tried from Proactiv and I quite like it. I am still trying out other sample cleansing wash so I don’t think I would be purchasing this any time soon.



I used to be a big fan of The Body Shop’s body butter, but I kind of grew out the phase a couple of years ago. I was gifted this Moringa Body Butter last Christmas but started using it in the summer time. It is a very light weight butter that contains Moringa seed oil, suitable for normal and dry skin. The scent itself is not overpowering and the scent lingers on the skin for a good 1 hour plus. I don’t find this body butter especially moisturising, but I enjoy the scent very much.

Do I love it? As a moisturiser, it doesn’t really do much for me. Its good to use in the summer because its not sticky and it gets absorb into the skin very fast. But, I can’t say much on how it would perform during the winter times. However, I very much enjoy the scent and would maybe consider getting the fragrance in this scent.



The extra-enormous wand did not do anything impressive for my lashes. It smeared under my eyes giving raccoon and did not hold a curl at all. Moreover, it neither lengthened my lashes nor give my lashes any volume. In addition, the first time I worn this out, it rained. By the time I got back home, I was crying black tears and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all.

Do I love it? I hate this mascara. I never had so much problem with a mascara before. I am very disappointed with it. Given the high price point and the hype with this mascara, I really wanted to like it. But it just failed in every aspect that I find in a mascara.


After getting so much disappointment from the Benefit Bad Gal mascara, I turn to my trusty Japanese drugstore mascara and am pleasantly surprised with how good this is. This has every thing a mascara should have. You want volume, you got volume. You want long lengthy lashes, you got it. You want waterproof, smudgeproof mascara, you are looking at it! This particular mascara has been Japan’s number 1 for quite a long time and I can definitely see why. One of the best mascara I had every tried.

Do I love it? Yes I do! Definitely a worthwhile purchase.


One of my most expensive lip balm. It was a pretty impulsive purchase of mine. Long story short, I was at the MAC counter getting a birthday present for my friend and there was a lip conditioner rack right up at the counter when I was about to pay. I thought the packaging was pretty cute and the colour was nice too, thus, I just grabbed one and pay. AUD28 boom! Gone! But, I never really looked back. I enjoy the lip conditioner a lot. It does a very good job in conditioning the lip. I find this lip conditioner much more moisturising than a lot of lip balms out in the market. Plus, the shade, petting pink was a very nice neutral colour to use for school. Also, this lip conditioner lasted me a good 1 year plus before hitting rock bottom. Pretty impressive seeing that I use this every single day. I use this under lipstick, lipgloss and sometimes I just put this on my lips after doing my whole make up routine and I’m good to go.

Do I love it? I do actually. Despite the idea of paying AUD28 for a lip balm, I think it is quite worth it. I might try out different colours the next time.


To be honest, I first got this lipstick because of the packaging. I love the Liberty London collection. However, when I got the time to go down to my local MAC counters, most of the items from the collection were sold out except for this lipstick in Every Hip and I immediately snap this up and paid. I think it is a nice colour, but I don’t particularly enjoy the texture of this lipstick. Ever Hip is a cremesheen which I find pretty drying for my lips. With this lipstick, I find that it is best to moisturise before applying it. It would sometimes accentuate the fine lines on my lips and the sight is not very flattering if I must say so. Ever Hip is a limited edition colour in a lovely peachy coral shade and absolutely love it for the summer.

Do I love it?  It’s a great, fresh, summery color with brings a pop to your look. However, I don’t particularly like the cremesheen finish of this lipstick.


Last but not least , one of my favourite foundation. This is my second bottle of this foundation and I still love it a lot. I’ve mentioned it in my favourites post here as well. I wished more attention would be given to this foundation. The coverage, the finish, the texture of this foundation is amazing.

Do I love it? Yes I do. Definitely HG level.

And that is all the empties I got this time round.



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