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Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion and Aloe Vera Toner Review


I am in the midst of using my Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion and Aloe Vera Toner, so I thought I would do a quick review for them. I wanted to try something else from the Mario Badescu toner line( was using the Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion previously). After consulting the beauty advisor over at Kit Cosmetics, I went ahead and get these two bottles. I got them mainly because they are rather mild and gentle, I didn’t want anything to aggravate my acne prone skin even more. In addition, these two toners are both alcohol-free.

The Aloe Vera Toner is the mildest of the two. Its very light on the skin and I like to use this after I exfoliate. It feels very soothing on the skin. I find that it calms the redness on my skin pretty well.

The Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion looks really scary in the bottle being orange in the bottle. However it is also quite a mild toner for the skin. I like to use this for days when for my “good-skin” day. I find my skin brighter after using this toner. What I don’t like from toner is it leaves a sticky residue on the face. After using this toner, I always have to apply moisturizer straight after.

I like to use both of these toners as a quick mask lotion as well. Drenched the compressed face mask with some toner and put it on for 5 minutes. I find it helps to prep my skin, making make up application smoother afterwards.



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Lust Have It June 2012


Lust Have It June edition! I was really looking forward to this as this is the first official Lust Have It pack after the switchover from GlossyBox to Lust Have It. Lust Have It used to send out same products for all subscribers. This month onwards, they’ve sent out packs according to the person’s age profile. Mine was the Fun and Flirty pack that came in a purple make up bag.

1. LonVitalite – 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask RRP 5 Sheets $59

First Impression: I’m a big fan of facial sheet mask. I’ve never heard of LonVitalite before, but judging from how much it costs for 5 sheets, it is quite a pricey mask to own. 24 K active gold, I wonder how it looks like.

2. LonVitalite – 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask RRP 5 sheets $45

First Impression: Along with the facial mask 24k Active Gold series, I also got the Eye Mask. Never had I used an eye mask before, so I’m quite curious about how it would work on the skin

P.S. With both the LonVitalite Mask, there was a note saying that the product contains active ingredients that will be cooling, invigorating and stimulating on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, run the pack under warm water and this can balance the tingling sensation.

3. Batiste – Blush Dry Shampoo RRP $9.95

First Impression: I’ve always heard people saying a lot of good things about dry shampoo and how it is a god sent items for lazy people. However, I’ve never tried one before. This is quite a good size sample and I look forward to playing around with it. I’ve seen rather good reviews with the Batiste brand, so I’m quite happy to get my hands on this.

4. Bloom – Glitter Eyeliner RRP $14.95

First Impressions: My favourite item from this June pack. This glitter liner has micro glitter particles and is rather pretty in real life. The glitter liner I got is Stargazer which is a pretty midnight black colour with multi glitter. A very wearable glitter liner for a night out I must say.

5. Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh and Daisy RRP 75 ml $115 and 50 ml $90 respectively

I’ve known of these two perfumes for the longest time and I believe most people have too. Between the two perfumes, I prefer the Daisy Eau So Fresh more, as it is a very light and fresh(as the name suggest) . The bottles of both the perfumes and to die for. I think Marc Jacobs do really nice perfumes with packaging worthy to be displayed as an art piece. I think samples of perfumes like this is very handy. I always have one in my bag for emergency purposes.

Overall Impression: I’m pretty in between with this June pack. I like the glitter eyeliner. The dry shampoo is not an item I would get for myself as I’ve never tried anything like this before, thus, I look forward to trying the dry shampoo. With the facial mask and the eye mask, I don’t know how I feel about them yet. The fragrances are okay, but I would really prefer them to give maybe 2 of each perfume instead of 1(this is me being slightly greedy). Overall, it is an okay box,


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