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Products I Finished (June 2012)


This time round, I finished a lot of hair care products.


TSUBAKI Shining Shampoo with Natural TSUBAKI OIL

This shampoo is a brand under Shiseido and is well loved by a lot of people in the Asian community. I had very high expectations for this shampoo since a lot of people raved about how good it is. However, this shampoo made my scalp very dry and I started to have a lot of dandruff(ewwww). At first, I blamed the changing season( winter to spring), but after the whole transition with the seasons, I still consistently experience dry, itchy scalp.

Do I love it? Sadly no. I really want to like it but I don’t.


This is a leave-in hair mist to restore silky, full style and is a high heat protection. I use this interchangeably with the Deep Infusion(the one of the right). I use this after I washed my hair, before I blow dry it. I don’t really see much of a difference before and after I used this product. To me, I think this is more a mental thing where I feel much better if I know I used something to protect my hair from the heat. Nevertheless, this does not make my hair “crispy” or otherwise, thus, I have no complains for it.

Do I love it? I feel pretty indifferent with this hair mist. Would probably not repurchase.


This is also a leave-in product for the hair. However, this comes out like a hair serum, it has a very thick consistency, very much like a  very watery oil. I prefer this more than the Sheer mist because I can feel a difference in my hair after I used it. My hair feels much more silkier and lesser tangles. It is recommended to dispense 1 pump and rub hand together and distribute evenly on the ends of the hair. For my hair length, I had to use about 5 pumps of the product to cover the whole “affected” area of my hair.

Do I love it? I quite like it. But will think twice before repurchasing.


The Essential hair care comes in two different lines, the one I have here is the Nuance Airy line that transform limp and flat hair, making it light and bouncy. With so many of us using heat, styling and chemical processing on our hair, damaged hair is very common. Essential have this selling point where it takes care of the last 15 cm of the hair, which is pretty much subjected to the most amount of “abuse” compared to the other parts of the hair. I was intrigued by this idea and grabbed a couple of products when I was in Singapore. I’m so happy that I did because they are pretty darn good. However, I do prefer the other line, that is the Ultra Honey & Shea Butter which I will talk about later in this post.

Do I love it? I like it. But I prefer the other Essential line.


This is my favourite product from the Essential line. This hair mask contain three times more high purity honey and milk protein than  the hair treatment featured above. With the “extra” purity of the product, it deeply nourishes my hair and made it silky and smooth. I love it so much that I use it almost every day. It smooths my hair out making it really silky and it detangles my hair like a dream. My hair is not as frizzy any more. I really really like this. However, because it is a Asian product, it is either very overpriced here in Australia, or it is very hard to get locally. I do know that you can get this from Sasa, I would really recommend you to try it out.

Do I love it? Yes! I definitely would get more of this mask when I get the chance.



This two mask are 10 minutes mask and I have nothing bad to say about them. They are very good at delivering what they “promised”. Especially the Drink Up mask that moisturises my face almost instantly. Not only does it moisturise, I find that it also helps to brighten up the face. Whenever I feel that my T-zone is a little dry, I just whipped this out and put it on for ten minutes. After ten minutes, wash it off and my face feels instantly refreshed and moisturised, making make up application a breeze. I have a more detailed review of both the mask here.

Do I love it? I LOVE IT! Will definitely repurchase it.


This mask is a deep action in shower facial that works with the steam in the shower and aims to detoxifies, smoothes and softens skin in one minute. I was intrigued by the whole novelty factor of doing a facial when in the shower which is why I bought it. The first time I used it I was very surprised by whole warm sensation that I felt on my face. It definitely opened up my pores with the heat, but, I don’t really think it does anything to exfoliate my skin at all. I don’t really feel that my skin the smoother or softer when I use this product. After subsequent uses, the novelty factor dies down and I just feel that this product does not work on my skin.

Do I love it? Not really. I think this product might be more suited towards younger people, mainly teenagers.


I ran out of my usual cleansing wash so I dug through my sample boxes and found this cleansing wash. I got this from one of my GlossyBox. I use this cleansing wash after I remove my make up. It cleans my face fairly well. It has microbeads that also helps to exfoliate my face while cleansing it. After washing off, it leaves an icy sensation on my face that I quite like. This 60 ml sample from GlossyBox is quite a good size sample

Do I love it? This is the first product that I’ve tried from Proactiv and I quite like it. I am still trying out other sample cleansing wash so I don’t think I would be purchasing this any time soon.



I used to be a big fan of The Body Shop’s body butter, but I kind of grew out the phase a couple of years ago. I was gifted this Moringa Body Butter last Christmas but started using it in the summer time. It is a very light weight butter that contains Moringa seed oil, suitable for normal and dry skin. The scent itself is not overpowering and the scent lingers on the skin for a good 1 hour plus. I don’t find this body butter especially moisturising, but I enjoy the scent very much.

Do I love it? As a moisturiser, it doesn’t really do much for me. Its good to use in the summer because its not sticky and it gets absorb into the skin very fast. But, I can’t say much on how it would perform during the winter times. However, I very much enjoy the scent and would maybe consider getting the fragrance in this scent.



The extra-enormous wand did not do anything impressive for my lashes. It smeared under my eyes giving raccoon and did not hold a curl at all. Moreover, it neither lengthened my lashes nor give my lashes any volume. In addition, the first time I worn this out, it rained. By the time I got back home, I was crying black tears and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all.

Do I love it? I hate this mascara. I never had so much problem with a mascara before. I am very disappointed with it. Given the high price point and the hype with this mascara, I really wanted to like it. But it just failed in every aspect that I find in a mascara.


After getting so much disappointment from the Benefit Bad Gal mascara, I turn to my trusty Japanese drugstore mascara and am pleasantly surprised with how good this is. This has every thing a mascara should have. You want volume, you got volume. You want long lengthy lashes, you got it. You want waterproof, smudgeproof mascara, you are looking at it! This particular mascara has been Japan’s number 1 for quite a long time and I can definitely see why. One of the best mascara I had every tried.

Do I love it? Yes I do! Definitely a worthwhile purchase.


One of my most expensive lip balm. It was a pretty impulsive purchase of mine. Long story short, I was at the MAC counter getting a birthday present for my friend and there was a lip conditioner rack right up at the counter when I was about to pay. I thought the packaging was pretty cute and the colour was nice too, thus, I just grabbed one and pay. AUD28 boom! Gone! But, I never really looked back. I enjoy the lip conditioner a lot. It does a very good job in conditioning the lip. I find this lip conditioner much more moisturising than a lot of lip balms out in the market. Plus, the shade, petting pink was a very nice neutral colour to use for school. Also, this lip conditioner lasted me a good 1 year plus before hitting rock bottom. Pretty impressive seeing that I use this every single day. I use this under lipstick, lipgloss and sometimes I just put this on my lips after doing my whole make up routine and I’m good to go.

Do I love it? I do actually. Despite the idea of paying AUD28 for a lip balm, I think it is quite worth it. I might try out different colours the next time.


To be honest, I first got this lipstick because of the packaging. I love the Liberty London collection. However, when I got the time to go down to my local MAC counters, most of the items from the collection were sold out except for this lipstick in Every Hip and I immediately snap this up and paid. I think it is a nice colour, but I don’t particularly enjoy the texture of this lipstick. Ever Hip is a cremesheen which I find pretty drying for my lips. With this lipstick, I find that it is best to moisturise before applying it. It would sometimes accentuate the fine lines on my lips and the sight is not very flattering if I must say so. Ever Hip is a limited edition colour in a lovely peachy coral shade and absolutely love it for the summer.

Do I love it?  It’s a great, fresh, summery color with brings a pop to your look. However, I don’t particularly like the cremesheen finish of this lipstick.


Last but not least , one of my favourite foundation. This is my second bottle of this foundation and I still love it a lot. I’ve mentioned it in my favourites post here as well. I wished more attention would be given to this foundation. The coverage, the finish, the texture of this foundation is amazing.

Do I love it? Yes I do. Definitely HG level.

And that is all the empties I got this time round.



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Products I finished

Hello! Its been long since the last post. Its just that I’ve juggling summer school and work, there’s really no time for me to come up with a decent post. Nonetheless, I’ve been drafting up a lot of “potential” posts so do keep a lookout on that.

Today, I’m going to show you the products that I’ve finished over the past…..say, year? To be honest, it isn’t really difficult for me to finish something, as I always only have one or two of the products opened that does the same thing. Etc, 2 concealers(1 for undereye, 1 for blemishes), 2 mascaras (1 for volume, 1 for length), 2 liquid face products(1 tinted moisturizer, 1 foundation). However I do have more lipsticks that are opened,though I do try to keep it in a certain amount as well, so I have a fun colour, a neutral colour, a staple red and a tinted lip balm.  Because this limit that I put upon myself, I am always able to finish my products within the certain time frame.

However, I do admit that I “kinda” have a problem because I always buy products to stock up. I have probably 5 lipsticks that are yet to be opened. I have a dupe(MAC Naked Lunch) for SIN in the NAKED PALETTE way before the colour hit pan and the list goes on.

Please pardon the low quality ipod touch edited photos.

First up, mascaras.


1. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

I got this because SO many people were raving about how good this mascara is. Naturally I had pretty high hopes for it. However, the first time I tried it, I hated it so much! Its so dry, and I was really used to the huge applicator, when I put it on, I feel like it does do anything to my lashes. AND, it smelled really bad. I was really disappointed.

My opinion of this mascara changed completely when I brought this along for an overseas trip. I was getting more comfortable with the huge applicator and found that with correct application, it does lengthen and gives volume to the lashes without being clumpy at all.

However, this mascara does smudge on me even though I got the waterproof version. So its best for oily lids steer away from it.

Do I love it?

Its good, but I’m quite sceptical about it smudging.

2. Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

This is one of the best mascaras that I had tried in ages. Its so waterproof that it does requires a couple more rubs with my Shu Uemura Cleasing Oil to get every bit of mascara out. But, I really don’t mind it at all. No smudging for the day is good enough for me. When I do put more coats of mascaras on, my lashes actually looks like I had falsies on because of the fibers in the mascara.

Do I love it?

LOVE IT! Definitely would purchase again when I get the chance.

3. Maybelline Volume Express Feline Mascara (Limited Edition, Hello Kitty)

This was an Asia Exclusive version I believe. To be honest I got this mascara on an impulse. Come on, look at the kitty! Its so adorable. The formula itself not too bad as well. This mascara has a wet formula which I don’t mind as well, however it does smudge on my eyes after 4-5hours, so there’s always a “risk” involved. This mascara does makes my lashes go from mediocre to long. Definitely not a va-va-boom “kinda” lashes, but its okay for like normal day out etc.

Do I love it?

I feel rather indifferent about this mascara, the packaging definitely a plus point. Other than that, I feel like the performance of the mascara is pretty decent.

Next up, Concealers.


Confessions of a Concealerholic by Benefit

This was a concealer palette that I got as a present for my 20th birthday. It was pretty symbolic between me and my friend because I was reading the whole series of Confessions of a Shopaholic during that point of time. So, my friend thought it was pretty cool how the  words play out ; “concealerholic vs shopaholic”.

This palette consists to 2 shades of Boi-ing( for blemishes), lemon-aid(reduce puffiness and dullness over the eyelid), eye bright(brighten up the corner of the eyes), Erase paste( for under-eye concealing). The palette also include 2 brushes for application purposes and a mirror. First and foremost, the packaging is adorable! It opens like a book, and on one side you get a huge mirror and on it writes, “this diary belongs to:” -> show your face in the mirror, ta-dah its you! LAME. But really, the packaging is ADORABLE!

On to the actual products itself, it definitely is good concealer palette to start out with for beginners because you are able to have a dab and know what you actually liked.

1. Erase paste: I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it as well. Its too creamy for my taste, and I feel like the cakes up and settles into fine lines. Its not that noticeable but still…. I’m not exactly fond it as well.

2. Boi-ing: A lot of people describe this as a industrial concealer, meaning make up artist actually use it for like stage make up or typically a concealer that make up artist actually use. However I don’t really find that it covers my blemishes that well.

3. Lemon-aid: This is probably the only thing that I love from this palette. I love it so much that this was the first product that hit pan in the palette and I got a full size thereafter. It definitely helps to cover the dullness on your eyelids and somehow, while I’m applying this product over my eyelid, it actually helps in depuffing the eye. A lot of people didn’t like lemon-aid because they treat it as a primer, but it is not. It is a concealer for your eyelid. Normally, what I do is, put on Lemon-aid and then dab my TooFaced Shadow Insurance over it before applying my eyeshadow.

4. EyeBright : My least favourite in the whole palette. It doesn’t really do anything to my eyes. I just don’t see a difference or a need to apply it at all.

Do I love it?

Well, I definitely recommend this for people who are just starting out with make up, or people who just want to get to know the benefit concealer products a little better. If you’re looking for a “industrial-strength” concealer, I definitely would go for the MAC Studio Finish Concealer, do not waste your time trying the boi-ing concealer.

Face products.


1.Dior Skin Nude Foundation Shade 020

My favourite foundation to date. I like it so much that I already on to my second bottle. It gives such a nice coverage and such a nice finish that I always get complements when I use this foundation. I don’t have really good skin to start off with, but whenever I put this foundation on, my friends always complement and say that my skin has improved quite a bit. It doesn’t make your face cakey at all and it gives a really natural finish glow to the skin. It is definitely not a mattifying foundation and I really like the dewy finish it provides.

I like to use my fingers for this, because I find that with brushes, the finishing result just isn’t as pretty. The name “Nude” might put some people who are looking for coverage off, because you would think that it is a lighter coverage foundation. But its not. I would say it gives a medium coverage.

Do I love it?


2. You Rebel Lite by Benefit

My first tinted moisturizer. There’s really nothing much I could say about this, because. Straight-up, I don’t really like it. I know a tinted moisturizer is suppose to be moisturizing, but what I get from this tinted moisturizer is OILY. It is so oily that I always feel like just putting powder right on my face after I have it on. Despite being tinted, it doesn’t much coverage, which is understandable. The plus point, it does evens out the complexion but that’s that. The staying power is around 1.5 hours, which is REALLY short. Then again, it is a tinted moisturizer.

Do I love it?



Paul & Joe loose powder ( Shade no. 1)

This loose powder is not bad. It mattifies and set the foundation for a decent amount of time( 5 hours). I got this loose powder at a discounted price of 20 SGD dollars if my memory does not fail me, which is a steal. I don’t have any complains for it but I don’t rave about this as well.

Do I love it?

Its decent. But I wouldn’t get it again.

Skin Care


1. Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion & Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer

By far my favourite toner and moisturizer combination. My skin was pretty bad a few months ago, and I realised I was using a wrong skincare line that does not suit my skin once I switched from that to Mario Badescu. From then on, I can never leave this awesome awesome brand anymore. Mario Badescu caters to acne-prone skin and unfortunately, I fall under this category. Ever since I was using the whole range, my skin cleared up almost instantly. The texture for both the product is really light, and I always feel very fresh everytime I used these two products. I use them day and night after I washed my face and that’s pretty much it for my whole skincare routine.

Do I love it?

Hell yeah!



Kate Gel Eyeliner in BK01. My very first gel liner. I got this when I was in Hong Kong and it lasted me two whole years. One of my proudest moment is looking at the photo below. CHECK THAT OUT!


I literally scrape through the whole pot and finished everything inside. Its that good. It is an asian drugstore brand. But its good. Definitely not as creamy as compared to the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, but IT’S GOOD. It does smudge a little bit, but that’s no biggie, staying power is decent( say 6 hours). Despite having it for 2 years, the gel liner did not dry up at all. Which is amazing considering that I heard mac gel liner dry up like really fast.

Do I love it?

Yes. But will I repurchase it? I don’t think so. As long as I have my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner, I stay a happy girl. For people who are looking for a decent dupe that is quite comparable to the Bobbi Brown one, I definitely would recommend trying out the Kate gel liner. It is harder to get outside of Asia, but it is worth it.



I was pretty hesitant to put this up but I’ve recently finished 3 bottles of deodorant which I find pretty darn amazing. I won’t go in-depth with this though as deodorant other than their fragrance, there’s really nothing much to them.

Lip Products


1.Maybelline Baby Lips in Energizing Orange

I’ve raved about it before in my November Favourites. So I won’t elaborate much on it. It does a good job moisturizing the lips and it smells really good.

Do I love it?


2. Majorlica Majorca Lipgloss in BE205

I’m not a big lipgloss fan. Its a decent nude lipgloss. But, I just find lipgloss a tad too sticky on the lips. That’s just my thing, The colour payoff for this lipgloss is rather sheer. But it does gives a pretty sheen to the lips when worn.

Do I love it?

Not a big lipgloss fan. So, I don’t think I would purchase it again.

3. MAC Lipstick in Politely Pink

My very first MAC lipstick and I love it to bits. I remember going to different outlets asking for this shade because it somehow was out of stock for some reason despite it being in the permanent collection. This lipstick just carries so many memories. It gives a really nice colour to the lips. Its a nude colour with a tinge of frost in it.

Do I love it?

Yes yes yes!

4. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake.

You probably won’t believe me. But I did finished this lipstick in less than a month’s time. Its crazyyy! But it is such a pretty shade of pink that is sooooo wearable. I get complements from my girlfriends everytime I wore this out with them. In fact, I even influenced them to get it as well. It is a pity that the lip butters has not reached Australia’s shore yet. I got mine when I went to Asia. Thankfully I have a back up of this, so I don’t feel so sad about finishing the tube of lipbutter. If you haven’t tried one of these lip butters, I really do urge you to do so. They are so creamy, so moisturizing and best of all, it doesn’t dry up your lips. A lot of people say that the colours are sheer, but I beg to differ. I find that the colour payoff is pretty decent, at least for Strawberry Shortcake.

Do I love it?

Hell yeah!

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November Favourites 2011

Since the month just started, I thought I could kick-start my second blog post with some of my favourites in November. November has been quite a crazy month for me, especially because it was the Finals. I had 4 exams all together and it all happened back to back with each other. Enough of the boring rambling. Lo and behold, my November favourites. 

These are probably more of my all time favourites rather than just November favourites, cause, I use them all the time.


My HG foundation. I always get complements for my skin when I used this. I have acne-prone skin, and a lot of acne scars, so I  always am in the look out for foundations that have really good coverage. I am in the shade 020. This foundation gives me medium coverage and it is not cakey at all. It does what it says it would, a natural glow alongside with that, it also makes your skin flawless. I’m on to my second bottle already, and this says a lot. The only con about it is that, the pump spoils really easily. I have to break the cap on my previous bottle to “get hold” of the foundation inside.


I recently just opened this and loved it immediately. It is so creamy and so easy to draw on to the eyelid, it is honestly worth every penny. This eyeliner is very long wear just like what the name suggest and it is just amazing.I used to use the kate gel eyeliner and thought it was good enough. However, after trying this out, you can definitely tell there is a difference in the consistency of the two brands. Definitely worth all the hype.


To be honest, I really just bought it because of the packaging. Come on, its Hello Kitty, who can resist the cat who doesn’t have a mouth. This packaging is limited edition, but I believe you can still purchase it in the normal packaging. It really does give volume to the lashes and at the same time, the mascara also gives me the length that I need. It holds the curl pretty well, and lasts on me for about 5 hours.


Probably one of the most talked about palette on and off the net. This is my baby. Its rather dusty now because I do my make up on the floor, so it really hard to keep it dust free.

My favourite colour in the palette would probably be SIN. Its a pretty pink champagne that is just great for dusting it all over the eyelid. Major love!


I love this thing. I’m kind of a lip balm junkie in a way. Cause, I finish a lip balm every one and half month. I used to use the one in menthol and loved it, so I thought of trying out their other flavours. Energizing Orange reminds me a lot of the Fanta drink in Orange. It somehow taste a little like that the drink as well. It might be me thinking too much to it, oh well. It does moisturise my lips pretty well, and it gives a really complementing sheen to it. Its clear, so you don’t really have to worry about colour staying on your lips. The packaging’s really cute too!

What have you been loving the last month? Do share.




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