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I Depotted My Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight


Like many, I preferred the Too Faced Insurance packaging(squeezy tube) over the Urban Decay Primer Potion(Old version – with a doe foot applicator). However, recently I realised that even in the squeeze tube packaging, the Too Faced Shadow Insurance still had its cons. While I was doing my usual make up routine, I squeezed the tube of Shadow Insurance to get some of the product out, I found that some of the liquid was coming out from the bottom of the tube. Upon thorough inspection, I saw that there was an opening at the bottom of the tube.  That made me realised that my tube of Shadow Insurance was probably in contact with the air the whole time and the liquid inside might dry up overtime(that might be why the liquid in my Shadow Insurance was separated unless I shake it up every time I used it). So, like the title suggested,  I decided to “depot”(probably not the right word to use, since, it isn’t in a pot) my Shadow Insurance.

I found an old and empty pot of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in my stash and decided to put it to good use.

I was actually really amazed at how much product I had left in the tube of Shadow Insurance. Bear in mind that a full size tube of Too Face Shadow Insurance is 11g/0.35oz and the pot of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow holds 4.5g/0.16oz, I found myself having the primer filled to the brim in the pot. I’ve used the Shadow Insurance for close to 10 months now, and to see that there’s so much product left after 10 months usage, I could only say that I LOVE THIS PRIMER. It’s definitely not an expensive product in my opinion, seeing that a little of this goes a very long way.

“Depotting” the Shadow Insurance is definitely not a messy business. It is actually very liberating to squeeze every single drop of the product out. Now that it is “depotted” I feel like I have a brand new product to use( Doesn’t it look like a MAC paintpot, or in this case a Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow?)

This is definitely another way to recycle products that I finished. I always keep the containers of emptied product that I see useful(e.g, the pot of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow). I am really happy with the way it looks now.




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