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Face of Australia Molten Metallics Nail Enamel in Verdigris


First and foremost, I love this nail polish. When I first got it, I thought it would be a dupe for the Chanel’s Peridot, which I really want to get my hands on. However, the price point for a Chanel nail polish is just too much for me to handle. After painting it on my nails, I think Verdigris is a fair match to Peridot, just without the duo/trio chrome effect.

Why I love it?

  • The consistency of the nail polish is amazing
  • 1 coat is opaque enough, but I just like to do 2 coats with any nail polish
  • I love the colour
  • The picture above is a 4 day old nail polish and no chipping yet! LOVE LOVE.
  • Complements my skin tone very well
  • Very easy to apply
  • Very fast drying. I repeat, VERY. They dry almost instantly after I paint it on my nails and I love that from a nail polish.
  • A very slight duo chrome effect when looked under different lighting.

I am very impressed with the quality of nail polish from Face of Australia and look forward to try some more from them. I got mine from my local Kmart when they were having discounts for Face of Australia. Seeing that I might be getting a “Chanel’s Peridot dupe” I snatched it off the shelve as fast as I can.

I LOVE THIS NAIL POLISH. Definitely worth every penny. Probably one of my favourite drugstore nail polishes.

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Neon Yellow Nails for Winter


If you hadn’t notice, neon colours are pretty much a trend this year. With China Glaze putting out neon colours for summer, I wanted a little neon for my winter too! ( Note: I am in Australia, thus the seasons are opposite as oppose the “rest of the world”). I was doing my usual grocery shopping at my local Coles when I found this gem at $0.50 a pop. Seriously, who can pass up a deal like that! Ulta 3 nail polishes are normally $2 and can be found in Woolworth, Coles and various pharmacies. Plus, I’ve been wanting to try Ulta 3 nail polishes for some time now, so, I thought this is a good way to start knowing this brand.

However, the consistency of the nail polish is rather disappointing. When first applied on, it feels like a thick gel consistency, and is very sheer. After 2 coats of it, you can really feel the nail polish thickened on your nail(picture above is with 2 coats of nail polish and a top coat).  If you look closely, my own nails and nail tips are still quite visible. A 3rd coat would feel too thick in my opinion. Furthermore, after less than 2 days, the nail polish chipped pretty badly on almost all my nails. Definitely not a very heavy-duty nail polish, especially if you do a lot of activities that require you to have constant contact with water using your hands. Also, the colour does not look nice under certain lighting( namely, halogen lighting). I find that the neon looks the best during day time outdoors.

Nevertheless, this is a fun colour to wear every now and then without the hefty price tag that comes with other more prestigious nail polish brand. Given the price ($0.50) , I really don’t mind it that much.


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