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Hello! I went to New Farm yesterday in search for the oh-so-famous Chouquette. Its pretty prominent, just along Barker St. My friends has been pestering me about going there for sometime already, saying that it has really good patisserie and it definitely live up to it.

Apparently there’s always a queue there, and when we arrived, we actually had difficulties getting a spot to eat. The other time my friend came, she said she had to eat at the bus stop nearby because getting seats was near to impossible. Luckily we managed to get a seat this time round so as to take in everything at our own pace. 

The food sells out really fast, but I see them replenishing them ever so often.

Chocolate Macaron 

Not a macaron girl, but my friend liked it a lot. Its a lot bigger than the standard macaron.


One of my favourites for this trip. Its not too sweet and the custard cream just melts in your mouth.

We also ordered the petit four which are basically mini-size of the actual thing just so that we can try everything at one go.  My favourite would probably be the Éclair Chocolat and the Tarte aux Fraises(the strawberry tart). 


Tarte aux Pommes(Apple)

And this… another favourite of mine. The whole crust and the apple are just so perfect together. Most importantly, the apples actually taste fresh, instead of tasting like it came right out of the preserved fruits cans. Love love it. Definitely going to order this again the next time I visit.

As you probably can tell, I’m not much of a food blogger. Nevertheless, I am trying to document my food journey. At the same time, I hope, this helps people have some new ideas on where to go and what to eat in Brisbane. Me and my friends are always at lost on where to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner/desserts. So I thought I could document these food hunting experience so as to add another place to go for people who are going through the same problem as me.


For those who are thinking of visiting,

1/19 Barker Street New Farm QLD 4005


Sun 6.30am-12.30pm

Mon-Tue Closed

Wed-Sat 6.30am-5pm



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