Hi, my name is Vinci.

Sometimes, I secretly wished I was as smart or as talented as the great Leonardo da Vinci, but I know I’m not. I’m not the best artist, the best “scientist”, neither am I the best writer. My grammar is disastrous most of the time.

But ironically, I love to write. Be it on paper or not, I love words. Words means everything to me. Every where you go, you’re always surrounded with words. Words in raps, words in music, words in conversation, words in books etc.

I am based in Brisbane where the sun always shines.

Before you start thinking that I’m some literature crazy person. I’m not.

I’m just a normal uni girl, with lots and lots of rants about her life.
This platform would be about make up, fashion, music, food, just… life in general.

Have a cup tea.

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