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Neon Yellow Nails for Winter


If you hadn’t notice, neon colours are pretty much a trend this year. With China Glaze putting out neon colours for summer, I wanted a little neon for my winter too! ( Note: I am in Australia, thus the seasons are opposite as oppose the “rest of the world”). I was doing my usual grocery shopping at my local Coles when I found this gem at $0.50 a pop. Seriously, who can pass up a deal like that! Ulta 3 nail polishes are normally $2 and can be found in Woolworth, Coles and various pharmacies. Plus, I’ve been wanting to try Ulta 3 nail polishes for some time now, so, I thought this is a good way to start knowing this brand.

However, the consistency of the nail polish is rather disappointing. When first applied on, it feels like a thick gel consistency, and is very sheer. After 2 coats of it, you can really feel the nail polish thickened on your nail(picture above is with 2 coats of nail polish and a top coat).  If you look closely, my own nails and nail tips are still quite visible. A 3rd coat would feel too thick in my opinion. Furthermore, after less than 2 days, the nail polish chipped pretty badly on almost all my nails. Definitely not a very heavy-duty nail polish, especially if you do a lot of activities that require you to have constant contact with water using your hands. Also, the colour does not look nice under certain lighting( namely, halogen lighting). I find that the neon looks the best during day time outdoors.

Nevertheless, this is a fun colour to wear every now and then without the hefty price tag that comes with other more prestigious nail polish brand. Given the price ($0.50) , I really don’t mind it that much.


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Tangle Teezer


Do you suffer from tangled knots in your hair? Do you find it a hassle to comb your hair because of the tangles? Do you find that it takes a really long time for your hair to dry?

I have rather long hair to start with. Everytime I meet someone new(mainly from girls), the first thing they would tell me is how long my hair is and how they envy me for that. What they don’t know is how pain in the ass it is to comb through the hair to detangle all my knots and tangles before I go out every single day. I was so irritated to the point that I gave up combing my hair and just let it be. My mentality at that time was, “Well, the outer layer on my hair looks okay, nobody needs to know how messy my hair is inside”. Yes, I was at that stage where I’ve given up all hopes to detangle my hair.

This is what happens every single day when I try to comb my hair.


Maybe not that dramatic, but it is really painful, and normally, while combing through the hair, it takes out quite a few strands of my hair as well.

This comb just won’t do it for me.

Then I started using hair conditioner, hair mask, hair serum, leave-in hair conditioner religiously and I do see a difference in my hair. But none really does detangle my hair completely. That was when I found out about Tangle Teezer. To be honest, I’ve never been one to spend on a comb. I had the idea that buying a comb is a complete waste of money. Why spend money of a comb when you can detangle your hair with your hands, or maybe a fork(Crazy Little Mermaid Idea)? Anyhow, I took the plunge and purchase the tangle teezer over at ASOS, and from then on, I’ve never looked back.

Here comes Tangle Teezer to the rescue. Yes cheesy I know. But it really does works!

Look at the difference! The right side is all straightened out in just a few seconds.

Look how shiny my hair is. I’m really happy with the results. What’s more surprising is that my hair dries a lot quicker nowadays with the use of the Tangle Teezer. No more knots = a happy girl.

The one I have is the original one in Disco Purple. They come in quite a variety of colours and I had a hard time deciding between the orange one and this purple glitter one that I have. But, the glitter won me over.

“The Tangle Teezer’s unique teeth configuration delivers rapid, pain-free detangling as well as polishing hair for high shine.”

And here’s my best attempt to be one of those girls from the oh so typical shampoo ad.



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First Look on Benefit Ultra Plush Glosses


Find the shades and the names of the lip glosses oh so familiar? Benefit will be releasing these new colours based on their oh so famous  BOX O’ POWDER. I had always love  Benefit cosmetics. Who doesn’t? With all the retro packaging, its enough to let a girl swoon. Heck, my first blush(Coralista) was from Benefit. I’m pretty intrigued with the idea of playing “matchy-matchy” with my blush and my lips. However, these range of lip glosses will only be out nearer to the year end.

Can’t wait!


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Model Co. Duo Lip Essential in Dusk


In this entry, I will feature the Model Co. duo lip essential in Dusk. I got this lip duo as a magazine freebie, and am very amazed at the quality of the product itself. I’ve never been a fan of lip gloss as I felt that the texture of most lip gloss in the market is too sticky for my liking. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology in the beauty industry, a lot of companies had come out with lipsticks that have the same glossy effect. Nevertheless, this lip duo had rather revolutionize the way I think of a lip gloss. For people out there who hated lip gloss just like me, you might want to try out model co.

You can use the duo together if you like or you can pair the lip gloss with another lipstick of your choice. One of my favourite ways to wear the lip gloss is to have Ever Hip by MAC and then top it off with the Model Co. Lip gloss in Dusk. This way, the lip gloss mutes out some of the brightness in Ever Hip, making it a very wearable colour for school.

Why am I loving this?

  • Gives quite decent colour payoff
  • Lasts a good 2 – 3 hours of wear on me.
  • It feels so smooth and creamy on my lips. It glides on my lips, covers my lips in a comfortable film like texture.
  • Does not dry up my lips.
  • My lips feel rather moisturise when I apply them.
  • Dusk is a “your lips but better” colour and would complement most skin tones.
  • Very work and school appropriate colour.
  • Very travel friendly, a lip gloss and a lip stick all in one.

Photos and Swatches:

Overall Look: 

All Products Used:


  • Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Foundation Primer
  • Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer in Light
  • Chanel MAT LUMIÈRE EXTRÊME in 2o Beige Rose
  • Benefit Coralista Blush
  • Benefit Erase Paste (Under eye concealer) in no. 2
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC 25


  • Urban Decay Naked Palette (Colours used: Virgin, Sin, Sidecar and Naked)
  • Stila Kitten Glitter Liner
  • Kiss Me, Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara in Black
  • Kiss Me, Heroine Make Liquid Eye Liner in Black


  • Model Co. Dup Lip Essential in Dusk


PS. I looked up the Model Co.’s website and realised that they do not carry the lip duo individually. However, they do come as a set of three colours. Given the quality of the duo lip essential that I got, I would definitely like to try out more colours from them. 

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Lust Have It May 2012


As the title suggest, this is an overview of the Lust Have it Beauty Subscription Services for May 2012. This is probably old news, but last month, Lust Have It had actually acquired GlossyBox Australia, so there was yet another shift. Yes, note, another shift. Long story short, I used to be a member of BeautyBox, then GlossyBox took over it and then now Lust have it. Its sad that GlossyBox is going or should I say gone now,  cause I really really adore their boxes. GlossyBox’s packaging for their products “was” impeccable. However, I hate to admit but the products that GlossyBox had delivered was a far cry from being amazing. Now that Lust have it has took over GlossyBox, I’m really hoping I see a change in the products I’ll be getting.

The first box from Lust Have It that I have with me right now is quite good, if i may say. Out of the 5 products that I have I am pretty satisfied with 3 of them.


This box is apparently for the once “GlossyBox” subscriber, thus, the items I got was a little bit different from the usual Lust Have It subscription. Mine was the “Fun and Flirty” box, which include:

1. Showface Professional Eyeshadow RRP $22.95

First Impression: I was going to do a swatch for it, but the colour just doesn’t show up on my skin at all. I could even use this as a setting powder if I need to as the colour just blends into my skin and disappear. The packaging feels like cheap plastic as well. Not the best colour selection for me.

2. Lush – Dirty Soap 100g RRP $6.95

First Impression: I love it! From the description card,
Dirty: Will have you smelling deliciously of spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss.
Definitely something that I would purchase myself. I love how clean and not overpowering it smells. Definitely something that you and your guy could use together.

3. Nicole by OPI ultimate trend setter’s lacquer 15ml RRP $14.95

First Impression: The one I have is a beautiful purple shade. However,I  was disappointed to see that this nail polish is not as opaque as I would like it to be. I need a total of 4 coats to get to the ideal opacity for me. To add on, the nail polish starts to chipped on me after 2 days. Thankfully, the nail polish does not apply streaky.


4. Chloe L’Eau de Chloe 30ml RRP $80.00

First Impression: Very fresh, a day time scent I would say. I haven’t really wore this perfume for too long to find out I like it yet.

5. Biore Pore Uncloggin Scrub 141g RRP$10.99

First Impression: I used this before I really liked it. I don’t really know whether it does unclog my pores or not. But my skin does feel fresher after using this product.

Biore Triple Action Toner 250ml RRP$8.99

First Impression: The bottle is the cutest thing ever. A really size sample for travelling. But then again, this is a drugstore product that….. I have the means to buy one myself. So… do I need this sample?

Biore Combo Pore Strip 14 strips RRP $10.49

First Impression: This is also one product that I’ve used before as well.To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with it. It is very liberating when you pull out the strip from your nose and see all the gunk that came off with it. However, this strip is a pain in the ass to take off. Its like have a bikini wax, but for your nose. So, if you have a good tolerance for pain, I suggest you try this out. If not, just do the usual exfoliation will suffice.

All in all, I really think this a a pretty good box in general. Plus, it comes with a pretty cute make up pouch as well. I have a feeling that the pouch will be something they will be doing quite consistently which lead to one last question. Do you need that many pouches?




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