December GlossyBox

Hello! GlossyBox Number 2! Isn’t it exciting? Every month you anticipate what kind of products you would get. I like playing guessing games, and every month I would eliminate the products that I think would not come in the next GlossyBox and try to foresee what the month’s GlossyBox would come with.

So apparently, this month’s box is more inclined to hair care. To be honest, I neglect my hair a lot. I normally just use shampoo and I’m done for the day. Yes, I rarely use conditioner. Its just a personal habit of mine I guess. I should really start taking care of my hair. Sighhh.


Despite the name, it is really just a hair wax. Hair wax really isn’t something I would fork out the money to buy because I always wear my hair straight. So…. I’m pretty neutral with this product. I guess it’s good to own it. Who knows? I might need to style my hair someday.


From the information card,

“Restore silky-softness to your hair with this finishing creme that helps hair imperfections and controls fly-aways for flawless look. “

Now, this is something I would be looking for. My hair gets frizzy from time to time, and when it does, it just doesn’t go away no matter how I comb it. Looking forward to try out this product.


From the information card,

“Spray limp and wilting waves with this perfecting spray to perk them up into vibrant curls. Create smooth and bouncy hair, not crunchy or frizzy”

It got me at “not crunchy” and “frizzy”. No one likes crunchy hair and frizzy hair. Plus, I never really can keep my curls for more than 2 hours. Can’t wait to try this out the next time I curl my hair.


My first lip pencil! Finally a make up product in the box. I wish GlossyBox would come up with a box full of make up products instead of skincare and hair care. The pigmentation is okay. It definitely does not glides on smoothly, but it stays on the lips for a pretty long time. I did a “test-run” with it yesterday for 2 hours, and after a round of chips and drinks, the colour is still rather visible on the lips.


From the information card,

“Replace dull skin and surface cells with a healthy radiant glow from this moisturizing and revitalising night serum. “

It’s 7 ml. I like this size of this night serum. Just enough to try out and see whether you like it or not. I’ve never really tried Clinique before. I have no idea why, but I just never did. My skin has been really weird lately, sometimes it gets really dry and I wake up with a face feeling like concrete about to explode. Crossing my fingers that this might be the one that would work for my skin.

Along with the box, they also included a little card saying that Glossies can go get a consultation  and a 7 day supply of their foundation. Yipppeee!! Free foundation(still free even though its only 7 days worth).

Last but not least, GlossyBox also really “cutely” included a candy cane for the festive season. Sadly, mine broke when it came with the box.


This month’s box just isn’t for me. Like I said, I’m just not a haircare kinda girl. GlossyBox! Come up with a cosmetics oriented box already:D




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