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December GlossyBox

Hello! GlossyBox Number 2! Isn’t it exciting? Every month you anticipate what kind of products you would get. I like playing guessing games, and every month I would eliminate the products that I think would not come in the next GlossyBox and try to foresee what the month’s GlossyBox would come with.

So apparently, this month’s box is more inclined to hair care. To be honest, I neglect my hair a lot. I normally just use shampoo and I’m done for the day. Yes, I rarely use conditioner. Its just a personal habit of mine I guess. I should really start taking care of my hair. Sighhh.


Despite the name, it is really just a hair wax. Hair wax really isn’t something I would fork out the money to buy because I always wear my hair straight. So…. I’m pretty neutral with this product. I guess it’s good to own it. Who knows? I might need to style my hair someday.


From the information card,

“Restore silky-softness to your hair with this finishing creme that helps hair imperfections and controls fly-aways for flawless look. “

Now, this is something I would be looking for. My hair gets frizzy from time to time, and when it does, it just doesn’t go away no matter how I comb it. Looking forward to try out this product.


From the information card,

“Spray limp and wilting waves with this perfecting spray to perk them up into vibrant curls. Create smooth and bouncy hair, not crunchy or frizzy”

It got me at “not crunchy” and “frizzy”. No one likes crunchy hair and frizzy hair. Plus, I never really can keep my curls for more than 2 hours. Can’t wait to try this out the next time I curl my hair.


My first lip pencil! Finally a make up product in the box. I wish GlossyBox would come up with a box full of make up products instead of skincare and hair care. The pigmentation is okay. It definitely does not glides on smoothly, but it stays on the lips for a pretty long time. I did a “test-run” with it yesterday for 2 hours, and after a round of chips and drinks, the colour is still rather visible on the lips.


From the information card,

“Replace dull skin and surface cells with a healthy radiant glow from this moisturizing and revitalising night serum. “

It’s 7 ml. I like this size of this night serum. Just enough to try out and see whether you like it or not. I’ve never really tried Clinique before. I have no idea why, but I just never did. My skin has been really weird lately, sometimes it gets really dry and I wake up with a face feeling like concrete about to explode. Crossing my fingers that this might be the one that would work for my skin.

Along with the box, they also included a little card saying that Glossies can go get a consultation  and a 7 day supply of their foundation. Yipppeee!! Free foundation(still free even though its only 7 days worth).

Last but not least, GlossyBox also really “cutely” included a candy cane for the festive season. Sadly, mine broke when it came with the box.


This month’s box just isn’t for me. Like I said, I’m just not a haircare kinda girl. GlossyBox! Come up with a cosmetics oriented box already:D



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Origins Mask

Hello! It has been raining these few days in Brisbane. Though its very cooling for this season( Its summer in Australia), but it gets gloomy sometimes. Its cool, I myself love rainy days. Its the best day to sleep in and just relax. With rainy days like this, I like to stay in bed, read a book and while doing that, I figure having  a mask would be a treat to me.  I bought this trio in pack when I had a stopover at Singapore’s airport. The trio was retailing for 99 SGD, so I could not pass it up. 


My favourite one out of the three would probably be the Out of Trouble 10 mins mask. For one, it only takes 10 mins. For two, it works for acne-prone skin like mine. Every time I have an acne patch( Yes, my skin is that horrible), I put this on, and it immediately calms the skin down. After 10 mins, just wash with water like you would when you wash your face and you’re down. The Zinc Oxide, Sulfur, Camphor and Salicylic Acid combats the problem skin and also reduce oil shine. It definitely isn’t a miracle product that you would straight away see a difference to your skin, but I like how it calms the skin down and in a way calms the nerves as well. It smells very much like Chinese medication, but it doesn’t really bother me that much as I myself take a liking for smells like these.



This is a deep cleansing mask. I rarely use this cause this is a pain to remove. But it does work with clearing my pores. Especially the area around my nose.

“Active Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins, Lecithin dessolves impurities. Without all that”stuff” down there, skin “breathes a sigh of relief” ” as quoted from the packaging itself.


I always use this when I feel my skin peeling and it works! It hydrates that skin almost immediately and makes putting up make up a breeze. I hate to see my skin peel, especially on my nose. And putting on foundation always accentuate the “peeling skin”. This mask is definitely a very moisturizing one. It smells like peaches and is very pleasant to put on. The best thing about it is that, it is very easy wash off. So when you wake up with dry skin, put this on and do your normal routine. After 10 mins, wash it off and you can start with your make up. The face definitely has “drunk up”.




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Never be hopeful. Never.

Hello! I just uploaded a new look to my Lookbook. Its quite depressing to realise that wordpress(free) doesn’t really support Java though. I used to blog in Blogger/Tumblr/Livejournal and everything was easy to do and stuff. WordPress has proved to be more complicated and restrictive. Sighh.

Anyway, this was what I wore to Chouquette. I got the dress from ASOS when they were having a further 10% off their sale items. It is a beautiful turquoise colour and I love it to death. I love playing with the dress, thinking that I’m from the ancient chinese dynasty where people hide themselve in those sleeves, peeking through their sleeves shyly.

The shoes are from RUBI. Pretty standard pair of bow flats, but the best part of it was that, I got it for only 5 bucks! I was at Harbourtown(Direct Factory Outlet in the Gold Coast), and RUBI was the first shop I went it. Walked past the sales rack and in less than 1 mins time, this baby was mine.

Oh, and the bag! Don’t let me start with the bag. The bag’s from Aldo. To be honest, I rarely step into Aldo, cause their shoes are always so tempting but very expensive at the same time. I never owned a pair of shoes that’s more than $100  as I can never part with that kind of money for shoes. Nevertheless, the bag was on sale as well for $20 and I knew I had to grab it immediately. Its just the perfect red for any kind of outfit.

Come to think about it, the whole outfit was bought on sale. Even the earrings and the lipstick I’m wearing. The feather earrings was from Topshop. I went though a phase of having a lot of feathered accessories, like my headbands, and earrings. They are just so pretty to look at.

The lipstick is from Shiseido. Surprise surprise, it was on sale too! I got it on one of the Shiseido Friends and Family sale. I only got this colour because I saw a girl wearing a similar colour and she look so pretty with it. Probably more a winter colour, but who cares! The colour comes off sheer, but definitely build-able, as shown in the picture below. Photo taken using my ipod touch.

Do please help me hype my lookbook photos too..



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Hello! I went to New Farm yesterday in search for the oh-so-famous Chouquette. Its pretty prominent, just along Barker St. My friends has been pestering me about going there for sometime already, saying that it has really good patisserie and it definitely live up to it.

Apparently there’s always a queue there, and when we arrived, we actually had difficulties getting a spot to eat. The other time my friend came, she said she had to eat at the bus stop nearby because getting seats was near to impossible. Luckily we managed to get a seat this time round so as to take in everything at our own pace. 

The food sells out really fast, but I see them replenishing them ever so often.

Chocolate Macaron 

Not a macaron girl, but my friend liked it a lot. Its a lot bigger than the standard macaron.


One of my favourites for this trip. Its not too sweet and the custard cream just melts in your mouth.

We also ordered the petit four which are basically mini-size of the actual thing just so that we can try everything at one go.  My favourite would probably be the Éclair Chocolat and the Tarte aux Fraises(the strawberry tart). 


Tarte aux Pommes(Apple)

And this… another favourite of mine. The whole crust and the apple are just so perfect together. Most importantly, the apples actually taste fresh, instead of tasting like it came right out of the preserved fruits cans. Love love it. Definitely going to order this again the next time I visit.

As you probably can tell, I’m not much of a food blogger. Nevertheless, I am trying to document my food journey. At the same time, I hope, this helps people have some new ideas on where to go and what to eat in Brisbane. Me and my friends are always at lost on where to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner/desserts. So I thought I could document these food hunting experience so as to add another place to go for people who are going through the same problem as me.


For those who are thinking of visiting,

1/19 Barker Street New Farm QLD 4005


Sun 6.30am-12.30pm

Mon-Tue Closed

Wed-Sat 6.30am-5pm



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November Favourites 2011

Since the month just started, I thought I could kick-start my second blog post with some of my favourites in November. November has been quite a crazy month for me, especially because it was the Finals. I had 4 exams all together and it all happened back to back with each other. Enough of the boring rambling. Lo and behold, my November favourites. 

These are probably more of my all time favourites rather than just November favourites, cause, I use them all the time.


My HG foundation. I always get complements for my skin when I used this. I have acne-prone skin, and a lot of acne scars, so I  always am in the look out for foundations that have really good coverage. I am in the shade 020. This foundation gives me medium coverage and it is not cakey at all. It does what it says it would, a natural glow alongside with that, it also makes your skin flawless. I’m on to my second bottle already, and this says a lot. The only con about it is that, the pump spoils really easily. I have to break the cap on my previous bottle to “get hold” of the foundation inside.


I recently just opened this and loved it immediately. It is so creamy and so easy to draw on to the eyelid, it is honestly worth every penny. This eyeliner is very long wear just like what the name suggest and it is just amazing.I used to use the kate gel eyeliner and thought it was good enough. However, after trying this out, you can definitely tell there is a difference in the consistency of the two brands. Definitely worth all the hype.


To be honest, I really just bought it because of the packaging. Come on, its Hello Kitty, who can resist the cat who doesn’t have a mouth. This packaging is limited edition, but I believe you can still purchase it in the normal packaging. It really does give volume to the lashes and at the same time, the mascara also gives me the length that I need. It holds the curl pretty well, and lasts on me for about 5 hours.


Probably one of the most talked about palette on and off the net. This is my baby. Its rather dusty now because I do my make up on the floor, so it really hard to keep it dust free.

My favourite colour in the palette would probably be SIN. Its a pretty pink champagne that is just great for dusting it all over the eyelid. Major love!


I love this thing. I’m kind of a lip balm junkie in a way. Cause, I finish a lip balm every one and half month. I used to use the one in menthol and loved it, so I thought of trying out their other flavours. Energizing Orange reminds me a lot of the Fanta drink in Orange. It somehow taste a little like that the drink as well. It might be me thinking too much to it, oh well. It does moisturise my lips pretty well, and it gives a really complementing sheen to it. Its clear, so you don’t really have to worry about colour staying on your lips. The packaging’s really cute too!

What have you been loving the last month? Do share.




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November GlossyBox (AUSTRALIA VERSION)

Hello! This post would be about the new revamped GlossyBox, formerly known as BeautyBox. I’ve been on subscription with BeautyBox now turn GlossyBox from the beginning so I kinda have a rough idea of what I like and what I don’t like about the products that were sent.

This box was pretty exciting for me because this is the first box that came in after the whole brand had major shift. So I thought I would do a review on it.

This is the actual box that contains all the goodies. The box is relatively larger than the original BeautyBox. But I quite like the new packaging because it looks really classy and there is more depth to the box so you can keep more things. Double yayee! I keep my backups in these boxes if you’re really interested to know.

So, when you open up the box, you see it tied nicely in a box with tissue papers and the GlossyBox sticker. Again, really classy.

You also get a card that thank you for subscribing to the GlossyBox and a brief description of the products that are inside.

And the moment you guys have been waiting for.


I was actually pretty excited when I see that I got a “full-size” of Bio-oil. By full size I mean, 60 ml which retails at $14.95 which is how much the GlossyBox cost. Plus, my friends has been telling me how it really does work on lightening scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone etc. I have quite a significant amount of scars due to bug bites and mainly just me being very careless and falling down everywhere I go, so this is a good product to just try it out.


This came at a right time. If it was me 1 year ago, I would not have cared for anti-ageing serum and what not. Being 21 now, I start see that my skin isn’t as firm as before. Especially the skin just below my cheeks and beside my mouth. So, I’ve have been in a lookout for a lifting cream that might be able to combat my “21 year old ageing skin” . Anti-ageing doesn’t start when you’re old. In fact its too late to start at that time.


This. I like! I am big fan of summery colours. Heck! I even wear summery pastel nail polishes in winter. Thus, this is a really good addition to my very modest nail polish collection. But truth to be told, I would pretty much enjoy it in a different colour. I see other people getting beautiful shade of orange and I’m actually pretty envious. BUT BUT BUT, this is better than nothing.


I have mixed feelings for this product. It is good to have a Bobbi Brown product included in the box. However, I would rather they come out with eyeshadows or blushers or just anything from their make up line, instead of another cleansing oil(The first BeautyBox came with a cleaning oil from Shu Uemura). Then again, its mini, so you can take it when you travel.


I like it. Its full size, its a beautiful shade. I don’t know much about the brand, so this is a really good way to get to a know a new brand out there. Its a really nice texture, not sticky AT ALL. This is coming from someone who doesn’t like gloss. I am more of a lipstick person than a gloss one.

Along with the products, they also included a Jurlique 15% off storewide voucher and a free Gel Liner from Mirenesse if you go to their Facebook account(exclusive for people who ordered the November GlossyBox). A downside of the Jurlique voucher is that the voucher expired even before I got the box. I’ve checked with the people from GlossyBox and they are trying to see what they can do about it, so we’ll see.

Overall, I am quite happy with this box. It is their first box, so I’m sure they are trying to make it impressive so that it would attract more crowd. Keeping that in mind, I will continue my subscription with them as for now.

Can’t wait for the Christmas Box to come.




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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can always preview any post or edit it before you share it to the world.

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